What is the Best Breathalyzer for Home Use?

What are the necessary features needed to consider a device to be the best breathalyzer for home use? Accuracy is an essential feature for breathalyzers for an alcohol breath testing device. BACtrack breathalyzers utilize police-grade fuel cell sensor technology. This technology allows personal or home breathalyzers to be as accurate as the device professionals use. BACtrack units are portable and easy to use, so you can always have them with you when you need to check and quickly measure your BAC levels.

Benefits of a Breathalyzer

Law enforcement and people who attend social gatherings typically use Alcohol breath testers or breathalyzers to ensure control over drink driving. Furthermore, you can also use a breathalyzer at home to ensure you are okay to drive if you have just consumed alcohol. Some of the benefits of the best breathalyzer for home use are:

  • It will be challenging to keep track of your alcohol level and may lead to making dangerous decisions. Having a breathalyzer on hand will help in monitoring your alcohol consumption and alcohol level.
  • The breathalyzer will help you stay within the legal limits and help prevent you from getting a DUI. The best breathalyzer for home use is ideal for people who like to drink at social gatherings and ensure they are still safe to drive.
  • Alcohol breath testers provide accurate readings and are an excellent and effective way of getting your BAC measured.
  • The breathalyzer can give you accurate results in less than a minute.

Breathalyzers Guide: Best Breathalyzer for Home Use

If you want to get the best breathalyzer for home use, there are a few things that you should look into:

  • Device Accuracy: Breathalyzer sensors typically have either semiconductors or fuel cells. Keep note that a fuel cell sensor is a more accurate choice.
  • Mouthpieces: It would be best to consider getting a breathalyzer that comes with replaceable mouthpieces. There are two types of testing, Active and Passive. Active breathalyzers are the ones that utilize these attachments as they require the user to blow into the device.
  • Easy to use and quick results – Breathalyzer units should be easy to use, must have a wide display screen. BACtrack devices can run with just a simple button push and give out quick results.
  • Breathalyzer Version: The latest and upgraded versions of breathalyzers may include a lithium battery that can last far longer. In addition, BACtrack provides you with long-lasting batteries that allow for plenty of tests and can automatically turn off to save power when idle.

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