The Best Alcohol Breathalyzer Review

Best alcohol breathalyzer review: High-accuracy breathalyzer

The BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 breathalyzer unit is the ultimate device to have; it is reliable and straightforward to operate. The S80 Pro Gen2 is as accurate as the high-end breathalyzers used by law officials, ensuring that the device will have consistent results every time. If you’re looking for a workplace breathalyzer with precision and accuracy, the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 is what you need. BACtrack’s Xtend Fuel Cell Sensors have an extended sensor life compared to other sensors used in breathalyzer.

Best alcohol breathalyzer review: Best overall breathalyzer

The BACtrack Trace Pro Gen2 breathalyzer unit can detect alcohol and measure it up to three decimal points; typically, breathalyzers only measure two. You would be required to blow into the device for five seconds and wait at least 3 seconds for the detailed BAC reading. The device could also save your last ten readings to help you keep track of your alcohol intake. The BACtrack Trace Pro Gen2 also utilizes highly accurate police-grade technology but is smaller than the BACtrack S80 Gen2 unit.

Best alcohol breathalyzer review: Other Possible Choices

Best alcohol breathalyzer review: Best on-the-go breathalyzer

The C6 Smartphone Keychain is BACtrack’s most compact and portable breathalyzer. This device is practical and allows you to bring it everywhere for instant testing. The BACtrack Keychain unit comes with a Bluetooth feature, and it gives you the option to connect it to your smartphone and has the benefit of tracking how long it will take for you to sober up. The app also allows you to order a ride if you are unable to drive. These features make the C6 an excellent option for safety-conscious individuals who want to ensure that they’re making smart choices when they’re out drinking.

Best alcohol breathalyzer review: Best high-tech breathalyzer

The BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer unit will provide you with the benefits like a rechargeable battery and a pocket-friendly size. It also has professional-grade readings and delivers results to your smartphone. Hence, it allows you to see your BAC readings and track results over time so you can monitor your alcohol consumption. The BACtrack Mobile is compatible with all smartphones, from iOS to Android.


When looking through the best alcohol breathalyzer review, one should also note that every BACtrack breathalyzer unit will come calibrated and ready to use. These devices also include reusable mouthpieces and batteries; you can set up the device and use it immediately with a convenient one-button operation. When choosing a breathalyzer unit, you must focus on things like accuracy and ease of use.

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