Features of the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer

Alcohol use is associated with many short and long-term health risks and motor accidents. At a moderate level, the alcohol effects are mild and pleasant. It alters the mood and either stimulate or relax the senses. However, consuming alcohol more than the recommended daily amount leads to high-level impairments resulting in decreased abilities and risky behaviour. Depending on the intake, alcohol affects the person’s senses, perception, and motor skills. It can reduce an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely and increases the risks of accidents. In line with this, a breathalyzer device helps in minimising alcohol-related harm. The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer is the ideal device for estimating the alcohol level accurately.

The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer incorporates advanced fuel cell sensor technology with slim minimal designs and ease of use. The breathalyzer has many useful functions to make alcohol breath testing simple, easy, and convenient. The BACtrack Trace Pro has a mini-solenoid internal pump to capture the breath sample effectively. The optimal breath capture system ensures that only deep lung air enters the alcohol sensors and keep out ambient fumes. Additionally, the breathalyzer has a memory system that stores the last 10 BAC results. It also has an audible alarm set to the Australian driving limit. For example, the breathalyzer will alert you if your BAC reaches 0.05%, which is the legal limit in Australia. Conveniently, the BACtrack Trace Pro also has a low power requirement that can allow up to 1,000 tests from one set of batteries.

The Accuracy of the BACTrack Trace Breathalyzer

Checking the blood alcohol content (BAC) is possible thanks to personal breathalyzers. Monitoring the BAC or impairment level is crucial in remaining within the allowable driving limits while keeping safe and responsible. Therefore, the device’s accuracy is critical in measuring the alcohol concentration to make fully informed decisions. Breathalysers Australia offers the BACtrack Trace breathalyzer as the pro-grade device for personal use. It employs the powerful Xtend fuel cell sensor technology to determine the BAC level quickly and accurately. The Xtend fuel cell sensors work by oxidising the alcohol in the breath through an electrochemical process. The oxidisation produces electrical currents based on the volume of alcohol and determines the BAC.


Fuel cell breathalyzers are more sensitive to ethanol, reducing the likelihood of producing false-positive results. Acetone and other substances will not interfere with the BAC readings of the BACtrack Trace breathalyzer. Additionally, fuel cell sensors maintain their consistency longer and provide accurate BAC results despite high-volume uses. Finally, the BACtrack fuel cell breathalyzer has professional-grade accuracy. As a result, you can ascertain highly reliable BAC results with the BACtrack breathalyzers. You can find fuel cell sensors in devices like:

BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer: Advanced Features

The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer comes with a continuous temperature checking function to ensure breath sample consistency. Significantly, the fuel cell sensor has a linear response to provide accurate results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations. Therefore, the BACtrack Trace Pro can trace concentrations of alcohol right up to 0.400% BAC. At high alcohol intoxication, you can still get the precise BAC measurement. These features are valuable in relaying the dependable results you need.

How to Operate the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer

Operating the BACtrack Trace breathalyzer is quick and easy. It has a one-touch system to facilitate an immediate BAC test. Simply press the power button, and the countdown timer will begin immediately. Once the timer reaches zero, give a strong blow for five seconds or until you hear the end of the beeping sound. The sensors analyse the breath sample and display your BAC on the bright easy-to-read LED screen. The breathalyzer processes the alcohol and delivers the BAC in 10 to 15 seconds. To access the previous results, press the M button, and the screen will show the BAC. It is essential to wait for fifteen to twenty minutes after eating or drinking before taking a breath test. Waiting for fifteen minutes allows the body to absorb alcohol and travel to the lungs. To retake the test, simply wait for 10 to 20 seconds before giving another breath sample.


Monitoring BAC

Alcohol affects each individual differently. Some may feel intoxicated in one standard drink, while others can manage more doses. Different beverages also have different alcohol concentrations. Therefore, monitoring the BAC through a personal breathalyzer like BACtrack is vital. The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer is compact and easy to carry around. Additionally, the fuel cell breathalyzer gives the highest precision that you can get in any device. Importantly, it helps moderate the alcohol intake to keep from exceeding the legal limits. After a few rounds of drinks, you may check the BAC to see how fast your BAC increases. You may also use it to monitor the decline of your BAC by testing every hour. Even in moderate amounts, alcohol can have impairing effects on the body. The main factors that affect your BAC are:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Body fat
  • Medication
  • Metabolism rate

Why People Like the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer helps you stay within the allowed limits for driving and can prevent you from getting a DUI charge. Driving with more than 0.05% BAC in Australia is subject to severe criminal charges and penalties. Depending on the severity of your intoxication, you could get hefty fines, jail terms, court proceedings, and driving disqualifications. You may also be placed in an alcohol interlock program due to repeated offenses. Furthermore, some workplaces implement a zero-tolerance alcohol policy. Industries like mining, manufacturing, construction and transportation monitor sobriety at all times to manage safety risks. Under a zero-tolerance policy, there must be no presence of alcohol in the system. The BACtrack Trace Pro can efficiently measure the BAC level to avoid legal charges, and road or workplace accidents.

The BACtrack Trace is a premier professional breathalyzer of Breathalysers Australia. It has FDA approval and DOT certification, meeting the federal requirements of an effective breath screening device. Moreover, each BACtrack breathalyzer undergoes rigorous testing to uphold quality. As a result, experts and users rate the Trace Pro as a dependable device for alcohol breath tests. It gives consistent BAC results, and is a similar device to what law enforcement use in roadside screenings. Therefore, it is the ideal device for personal use.

Buying A BACtrack Breathalyser

You may get the BACtrack Trace breathalyzer directly at Breathalysers Australia. You can also choose a wide variety of alcohol testers for different needs and preferences. Breathalysers Australia also offers keychain alcohol testers like the BACtrack Go and C6 breathalyzer for personal or home use. Additionally, the smartphone breathalyzers of BACtrack offer more innovative functions. The BACtrack C8 Smartphone and Mobile Pro have Bluetooth connectivity to view the BAC directly on your mobile phone. It also has the ZeroLine technology, which can estimate when your BAC level will return to 0.00%. Visit Breathalysers Australia for safe and responsible alcohol consumption.