Comparison Guide: BACtrack S80 vs BACtrack S75 Pro

Many people consume alcohol regularly after work or at weekends to make them feel relaxed or stimulated. Moderate amounts create euphoric effects such as elevated mood or lowered inhibitions. Likewise, people tend to consume more at gatherings or social events. However, excessive consumption leads to severe impairments, especially in vision, hearing, reasoning, and coordination. Thus, people prepare for going to a party or bar by designating a driver or bringing an alcohol tester. Digital alcohol testers or breathalysers are devices that estimate a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). In particular, the BACtrack S75 Pro and S80 are reliable breathalysers in determining the intoxication degree. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia has different kinds of alcohol testers for various needs. 

The rising number of road accidents due to impairment raised safety concerns nationwide. Thus, the government imposes stricter regulations to combat the negative consequences of alcohol use. It includes placing more sobriety checkpoints and lowering the legal limit to 0.05% BAC. Drivers caught driving with a 0.05% BAC or more are subject to heavy fines and penalties. For example, high-range driving includes a longer-term license suspension and an alcohol interlock program. In line with this, individuals check their BAC level before driving to minimise accident risks and legal charges. Devices like the BACtrack S75 Pro and S80 are suitable for securing accurate and quick BAC readings. 

BACtrack S80 and BACtrack S75 Pro Similarities

There are various breathalyser types in the market to choose from. However, choosing the right device is crucial in ensuring safety. Among the first personal breathalysers with police-grade accuracy is the BACtrack S75 Pro. Additionally, the BACtrack S75 and S80 have advanced features giving high validity test results than any standard semiconductor breathalysers. The key features include:

  • Fuel cell sensors – Fuel cell sensors provide enhanced precision from 0.00 to 0.400% BAC with extended battery life.
  • Breath capture system – The breathalysers use a miniature air pump that collects air from deep in the lungs. 
  • One-touch operation – One-touch buttons make it easy to self-check the BAC even in an intoxicated state. Simply power on the device, wait for a few seconds for the sensors to warm up and give a sufficient blow. 
  • Quick readings – The BACtrack breathalysers process the breath sample and display the results in 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • 4-digit LCD – Bright, easy-to-read screen to deliver the test results in an extended accuracy format.
  • DOT and FDA approval – The S80 and S75 meet all federal requirements for a safe breath screening device. 


Upgrades of the BACtrack S80 vs BACtrack S75 Pro

Each BACtrack breathalysers undergo rigorous testing methods to maintain quality control. However, the newer BACtrack S80 has design upgrades to make breath testing more efficient. First, the most prominent change is the mouthpieces. The BACtrack S75 Pro has a front-facing mouthpiece, while the S80 Pro mouthpiece is set at an angle on the side. This gives more convenience when giving a breath sample. The BACtrack S80 and mouthpieces are readily available at Breathalysers Australia. Furthermore, the BACtrack S80 has continuous temperature checking, ensuring breath sample consistency. For instance, the stability of breath collection minimises the condensation effect, which may affect the sensors.

The Accuracy of Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalysers

Breathalysers rely on sensor technology to process the breath sample and deliver accurate results. Personal breathalysers use semiconductor or fuel cell sensors. Semiconductor sensors measure the BAC by oxidising alcohol molecules in the breath. Therefore, they are ideal as a screening device. However, they interact with any alcohol compounds. For example, alcohol-based products such as mouthwashes and breath sprays will affect the BAC results. Meanwhile, the BACtrack S75 Pro and S80 employ the Xtend fuel cell sensor technology for the highest accuracy. Moreover, fuel cell sensors have the following advantages:

  • Ethanol-specific – Unlike semiconductor breathalysers, fuel cell sensors only react to ethyl alcohol. They do not interact with other substances in the breath like acetone or ketones. Thus, it will not affect the BAC results of people with diabetes or a low-calorie diet. Moreover, external factors like fumes do not affect the BAC readings. 
  • Consistent – Fuel cell breathalysers remain consistent in back-to-back testing. Additionally, fuel cell sensors maintain accurate results of up to 1,000 tests. 
  • BAC range – the enlarged Xtend fuel cell sensors of BACtrack can trace alcohol concentrations over a complete BAC range expected in the breath. The BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers can measure the BAC up to 0.400% without losing its exactness.


BACtrack S80 and BACtrack S75: Operation Guidelines of the BACtrack Breathalysers

The BACtrack S75 Pro and S80 incorporate sleek and simple designs for ease of use. Nevertheless, their easy operation delivers reliable and precise alcohol breath test results. Moreover, the proper use of a breathalyser and the breath testing guidelines ensure that you get the most accurate readings. First, it is crucial to wait twenty minutes after eating, drinking, or smoking before taking a breath test. The waiting period allows alcohol to reach the lungs, vaporise, and exit through exhalation. It also minimises alcohol residue in the mouth from affecting the results. 

To begin the test, press the power button and wait for the sensors to warm up. The screen will show a countdown timer preparing you to blow. As the countdown approaches zero, take a deep breath and provide a sufficient blow into the device. Then, the sensors undergo an oxidisation process to determine the BAC. The BACtrack S75 Pro and S80 default to the longest blow time, which is five seconds. This ensures that you supply a deep lung air sample for the most accurate test results. However, you may adjust the blow time settings by pressing the Start button. Additionally, the breathalysers also let you adjust the blow strength according to standard level or low-level flow. The stronger the blow, the more accurate the results. However, avoid spitting through the device with saliva or other particles to avoid damaging the sensors. 

Devices Available at Breathalysers Australia

Getting a personal breathalyser like the BACtrack S75 Pro or S80 Pro is a cost-efficient method to protect yourself from the hazards of drink driving. For example, you may take a breath test after a few rounds of drinks to monitor the BAC level changes. Likewise, many people use a breathalyser to help moderate their consumption and keep from exceeding the legal limit. Moreover, a pro-grade breathalyser like BACtrack ascertains that you get dependable BAC results. You may purchase the latest models at Breathalyser Australia online. If you depend on precise tests for personal or work purposes, the upgraded BACtrack S80 Pro is an excellent device. With the BACtrack S80 Pro, you can use the same technology law enforcement uses in roadside screenings. Therefore, a reliable breathalyser helps you make informed decisions and ensure responsible driving.