A Selection of BACtrack Keychain Breathalysers

If you enjoy alcohol consumption occasionally, you will not go wrong with a keychain breathalyser. A personal alcohol tester is a handy device to help you stay safe and monitor and control your alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol can lead to a high level of impairment which is hazardous on the road. At high concentrations, alcohol blurs your vision, impairs hearing and judgment, causes uncoordinated movement and balance, and slow reaction times. A simple device like a keychain breathalyser can help determine if you can drive. Checking your BAC can help prevent you from getting an accident or a drink driving charge. If you need a quick and reliable breath test, Breathalysers Australia has a selection of accurate BACtrack keychain breathalysers.

Breathalysers Australia features the two most practical alcohol testers on the market, the BACtrack Go and the C6 Keychain breathalysers. The BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain are compact-sized breathalysers with one-button operations to make breath testing efficient and straightforward. You can begin a breath test by pressing the power button. The BACtrack keychain breathalysers will automatically initiate a countdown timer as the sensors warm up. Once ready, give a continuous blow until you hear a beep sound. The BACtrack Go uses the advanced MicroCheck sensor technology to estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC). Additionally, the BACtrack Go breathalyser has a fold-out mouthpiece to ensure that only your breath goes into the sensors. These mouthpieces can also effectively keep out ambient air and other fumes.

BACtrack Keychain Breathalysers: Smartphone Compatible Devices

Meanwhile, the BACtrack C6 is a smartphone breathalyser of Breathalysers Australia with optional Bluetooth connectivity. This BACtrack Keychain breathalyser is the smallest alcohol tester that uses the BluFire fuel cell sensor technology of BACtrack. A fuel cell sensor calculates the BAC by oxidising ethanol found in the breath and producing small electrical currents. The stronger the electrical currents are, the higher the alcohol concentration is in the breath in proportion to the alcohol in the blood. Fuel cell breathalysers have pro-grade accuracy. These are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Furthermore, the BACtrack C6 Keychain has ZeroLine technology. This technology can estimate when your BAC level would return to 0.00%. It is valuable in monitoring your sobriety to be safe for driving.

The BACtrack Keychain breathalysers are helpful, especially if you need a quick BAC test. It only takes BACtrack breathalysers 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. You can choose from the keychain breathalysers selection at Breathalysers Australia online. Moreover, keychain breathalysers are compact and light, making them easy to carry around. Furthermore, they can easily fit on the keyrings of your car or house keys. This feature can drastically help prevent your device from being lost or left behind.

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