BACtrack Costco Australian Buy Guide

Breathalyser tests are common in roadside screening to help keep the roads safe. A breathalyser is a handheld testing device to determine a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through the breath. Law enforcement conducts random or mandatory breath tests to check if a driver is impaired or violates any driving laws. For instance, if the breathalyser test shows you are over the legal limit (0.05% BAC), you are subject to legal charges and penalties. Therefore, many people buy a personal breathalyser like BACtrack to avoid drink driving or accidents. In particular, many people ask or search if they can buy BACtrack at Costco or other retail outlets. Alternatively, you can buy a BACtrack alcohol tester online at Breathalysers Australia.

How do Breathalysers Work?

A breathalyser is an electronic device that analyses the breath to estimate how much alcohol is in your blood. The device employs sensor technologies like semiconductors or fuel cell sensors to measure the BAC level. In particular, the sensors undergo a chemical process when they interact with alcohol in the breath. The reaction produces small electrical currents based on the alcohol concentration and converts it into BAC. For example, if your BAC is 0.05%, it equals 0.05g of alcohol for every 100ml of blood or 210 litres of breath. This BAC level or higher shows significant impairment. Therefore, a reliable breathalyser is valuable to get precise BAC results. You may check the availability of BACtrack at Costco or other retail outlets to buy a breathalyser. Furthermore, breathalysers are essential for the following:

  • Roadside screening to determine drink driving
  • Alcohol monitoring in the workplace
  • Public premises like bars
  • Child custody cases
  • Treatment or rehabilitation monitoring
  • Personal or home use

Buying BACtrack at Costco Australia

Breathalyser technology has improved and become more affordable over the years. Today, checking your BAC with a professional-grade device is possible without getting near a police breathalyser. Likewise, pro-grade breath testing devices like BACtrack are more accessible for personal use. However, can you buy the BACtrack at Costco? Costco is a wholesale corporation with branches all over the United States and in several countries, including Australia. In particular, you can get the BACtrack Mobile Pro and Keychain breathalysers in select Costco outlets. You may check Costco online to find the nearest warehouse with BACtrack breathalysers. Meanwhile, Costco Australia currently has limited breathalysers available. Nevertheless, you can visit Breathalysers online to view a comprehensive selection of BACtrack alcohol testers. 


The BACtrack Australia Buy Guide

Choosing the right device is critical to ensure safety. An effective and reliable breathalyser can determine your precise BAC level to help make informed decisions. However, if the BACtrack at Costco Australia is not available, where can I get the breathalyser? Conveniently, you may purchase the BACtrack devices directly at Breathalysers Australia online. Moreover, the buying guide of Breathalysers Australia can help you choose a suitable device. You may select a breathalyser based on the following considerations:

  • Sensor type and accuracy –BACtrack personal breathalysers use fuel cell sensors. Fuel cell sensors give accurate and consistent BAC readings. Moreover, they maintain their accuracy despite high-volume use.
  • Convenience – A breathalyser should be quick and easy to operate. The BACtrack breathalysers have a one-button operation for easy access and efficient use. 
  • Connectivity – Some breathalysers have Bluetooth capability, like the BACtrack smartphone breathalysers. The devices connect to a mobile app to deliver the BAC results directly on the smartphone’s screen. The BACtrack smartphone breathalysers also integrate with Apple Health.
  • Extra features – Some breathalysers offer additional services such as memory function or BAC monitoring. Devices with memory functions like the BACtrack C6, Mobile Pro, and Trace Pro can record the previous 10 BAC results. Additionally, the BACtrack smartphone breathalysers have the ZeroLine technology that quickly estimates how long the BAC will return to 0.00%. 

The Advantages of Fuel Cell Breathalysers

A fuel cell breathalyser is ethanol-specific, giving accurate and reliable BAC results. The fuel cell sensors do not react with other substances in the breath or external fumes. Thus, it is less likely to produce false positives, especially for people with diabetes or a low-calorie diet. Furthermore, fuel cell breathalysers can uphold precise BAC readings up to 1,000 tests before recalibration. Therefore, it is the device used in roadside screening, workplaces, and hospitals. You can make appropriate decisions based on your actual BAC level. Moreover, fuel cell breathalysers are no longer exclusive to law enforcement. You can avail of police-grade accuracy with the BACtrack breathalysers. If the BACtrack at Costco near you is unavailable, you can check Breathalysers Australia directly. 

Many people rely on breathalysers to give an accurate estimation of their BAC. During alcohol consumption, the BAC level tends to rise rapidly without monitoring. A personal breathalyser can help check the BAC after a few drinks to determine the increased rate of the blood alcohol level. As a result, people who use a breathalyser have effectively limited their alcohol intake and remain within the acceptable alcohol levels. You may also use a breathalyser to monitor your sobriety before work. High-risk industries have a zero-alcohol tolerance policy to ensure safety and prevent accidents. Therefore, breath tests are essential to managing safety risks. The BACtrack Costco and Breathalysers Australia buy guide can help you decide what breathalysers suit you best. 


BACtrack at Costco or Breathalysers Australia

Can you get a BACtrack at Costco or Breathalysers Australia? People make a careful assessment before purchasing a personal breathalyser. A dependable device can give you accurate and consistent results and help keep you safe. The BACtrack professional series using the Xtend Fuel Cell Technology has FDA approval and DOT certification, meeting all federal requirements for a breath screening device. It is the same technology that police use in roadside screenings. Moreover, breathalysers have significantly reduced road accidents and prevented drink driving. Therefore, checking the functions and options is critical in choosing the right device. Breathalysers Australia presents a wide array of alcohol testers for personal or professional use. Lastly, the BACtrack breathalysers offer the following functions:

  • Optimal breath capture – Each breathalyser has an internal breath pump that captures the precise exhaled breath while keeping ambient air out. 
  • Fast warm-up time – A countdown timer activates upon turning on the device and warming up the sensors in 10 to 15 seconds. As the timer reaches zero, provide a sufficient blow until you hear the end of the beep. 
  • Fast results – The breathalysers process the sample breath and display the BAC results in 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • Audible warning limits – You can set the alarm if your BAC reaches a set limit. For instance, the breathalyser will alert you if your BAC is 0.05% or higher.