The Most Popular BACtrack Breathalyzers

Do you want to be confident when you are sober enough to drive home from a night out at your favorite restaurant, pub or friend’s house? By having a personal breathalyzer, you can make sure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is below the legal limit. There are many of high-quality personal breathalyzers on the market that can assist you in avoiding driving while intoxicated. We’ve managed to cut the list down to the finest BACtrack breathalyzers to help you make an informed selection. 

Our Most Popular BACtrack Breathalyzers

BACtrack S80 Pro 

The BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is the most popular and accurate alcohol breath tester among the BACtrack breathalyzers. It is powered by BACtrack’s biggest Xtend Platinum Fuel Cell Sensor and can give dependable BAC readings with police-grade precision. The S80 is ideal for a range of professional alcohol reading, identifying and testing applications. From serving as an alcohol detector for employees in enterprises to serving as a breath alcohol tester for patients in clinics or treatment facilities or for home use especially those testing at 0.000 BAC 

BACtrack Trace Pro 

The BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer is the quickest and most accurate way to obtain an accurate BAC measurement in seconds. This compact, attractive gadget is simple to use and has an award-winning, cutting-edge sensor technology from BACtrack breathalyzers. The Trace can identify tiny quantities of alcohol, dependably manage high BAC levels, and is precise to the third decimal place. 

BACtrack Mobile Pro 

The BACtrack Mobile is an award-winning mobile breathalyzer with the ZeroLine® Technology, which predicts when your BAC will recover to 0.00%, providing you to conduct drinking assessments and help improve judgment choices.  This breathalyzer uses Bluetooth to connect to your iOS or Android smartphone and instantly logs your findings, which is helpful for individuals who want to manage their alcohol intake over time. The connectivity is simple to set-up and operate. The gadget is rechargeable, so running out of batteries will not be a problem. Furthermore, the Mobile is much smaller than most other BACtrack breathalyzers, making it easy to slip into a handbag or pocket. 

BACtrack C6 Keychain

The C6 is meant to be worn as a keychain, so you can always have it with you while deciding whether to leave a social gathering or stay a little longer. The C6 is even smaller than the BACtrack Mobile, making it the tiniest among the BACtrack breathalyzers. It can also predict your ZeroLine to inform you how long you’ll be at 0.00%. The gadget may be used in two ways: standalone mode or app mode. The BAC finding is shown on the device’s built-in OLED display in standalone mode. Whereas the app mode can instantly connect the gadget to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer 

The BACtrack Scout Breathalyzer is a compact, digital breathalyzer that gives accurate results with little effort on the user’s part. It only requires two AAA batteries and can be turned on with a single button. This gadget can run for around 1,000 tests before the batteries need to be replaced. It also maintains track of the overall number of assessments you’ve completed. Like other BACtrack breathalyzers, it also uses Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor technology to give reliable readings. 


Having BACtrack breathalyzers does not make a person an alcoholic; instead, it makes them a responsible drinker. It is perfect for anyone who drives on the road and cares for themselves as well as the people around them.


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