BACtrack Breathalyzer Not Working: What to Do?

BACtrack is the leading breathalyzer brand in Australia. It can effectively help people make more intelligent decisions after consuming alcohol. BACtrack breathalyzers have the most advanced technology available for personal breathalyzers. These breathalyzers can deliver the most accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) self-testing results. Using this device is easy with just a press of a button. If you just got your BACtrack, you have made the right decision. Using a breathalyzer for the first time may be a little tricky. The BACtrack breathalyzer not working properly could be caused by many potential problems or errors.

Here’s what to do with a BACtrack breathalyzer not working

  • Not powering up – A BACtrack breathalyzer not working properly may be due to faulty batteries. Use alkaline or the specified batteries for your unit. If you are using rechargeable batteries, take note of the voltage to make sure they have enough power for the device.
  • Error notifications – You may get error messages when you use the device for the following reasons: (1) you did not blow sufficient breath sample into the mouthpiece; (2) no breath sample within 15 seconds; (3) the unit is powered on outside of the acceptable temperature range. If this happens, make sure you are not out of batteries. To retake the test, press the Power button and wait for the countdown cycle. When the device is ready, blow a sufficient amount of breath through the mouthpiece.
  • Sensor – a breathalyzer may give a 0% reading despite consuming alcohol. It takes time for the body to process and absorb alcohol into the system. Wait at least 20 minutes after drinking before testing your breath. Another factor is the sensor may have built up alcohol residue over time. Check if the unit is due for recalibration.
  • Slow warm-up time – the breathalyzer needs a few seconds for the sensor to warm up upon turning it on to ensure the accuracy of the reading. If the warm-up time is prolonged, it may be due to the build-up of alcohol residue as well, in which case it’s time to send the unit back for recalibration. BACtrack offers full calibration to maintain the accuracy of each breathalyzer.

Further advice

The breathalyzers should work fine after minor adjustments. However, if your BACtrack breathalyzer is not working after taking these steps, you may contact our customer service support to help you determine the condition of your unit. Visit our website and click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page. All the BACtrack breathalyzers come with a 12-month warranty. We regularly test the products to make sure they uphold the highest quality and accuracy. Without a doubt, contacting Breathalysers Australia can easily solve an issue of a BACtrack breathalyzer not working.

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