BACtrack Amazon Guide and Direct Online Store

Alcohol has many known effects on the body that cause several health and safety risks. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to high impairments, which can affect our senses, perception, and motor functions. In particular, high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) puts you at risk while driving. The BAC indicates the person’s intoxication level or the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. A breathalyser like BACtrack estimates the BAC and aid in making better and more informed decisions. It is also valuable in monitoring the alcohol level to prevent a DUI charge or getting into road accidents. BACtrack is the leading breathalyser specialist in Australia, providing accurate and reliable breath tests. The BACtrack breathalysers are widely available in Australia through BACtrack in Amazon and Breathalysers Australia.

An alcohol breath test through a breathalyser is the most practical and cost-efficient method to determine the BAC. Breathalysers mainly use two sensor types to estimate the BAC, semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. Most BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensors to measure the BAC accurately. Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath sample. The chemical reaction produces electrical currents relative to the amount of alcohol in the system. Moreover, fuel cell breathalysers have professional-grade accuracy. Check for the BACtrack on Amazon to guide you in choosing the best breathalyser. The BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers apply the same sensor technology found in:

  • Police Breathalysers
  • Hospital Breathalysers
  • Workplace/Industrial Breathalysers

BACtrack on Amazon

Amazon is the largest selling online platform with millions of transactions daily. You can find the BACtrack on Amazon Australia in the Health, Household and Personal Care category or Health test kits. Similarly, look for the BACtrack shop on Amazon in the search tool to find the available BACtrack breathalysers online. Amazon has an extensive selection of BACtrack breathalysers and accessories. You can purchase pro-grade breathalysers like the BACtrack S80 Pro, and Trace Pro and their equivalent mouthpieces. Breathalysers with smartphone connectivity like the Mobile Pro and C8 Smartphone are also available. Additionally, the keychain alcohol testers like the BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain are the most budget-friendly accurate breathalysers on Amazon Australia.


Pro-grade Breathalysers

The BACtrack on Amazon features the best-selling breathalyser, the BACtrack S80 Pro. The S80 has over 4,000 positive ratings, feedback and reviews.  The S80 employs the Xtend fuel cell sensor technology, the police-grade sensor used by hospitals, workplaces, and law enforcement. The fuel cell sensors have high sensitivity to ethanol and are not reactive with other substances like acetone in the breath. Therefore, it is least likely to produce false-positive results, especially for people with diabetes or on a low-calorie diet. In addition, the S80 Pro gives consistent BAC readings in several applications tested by experts, users, and independent reviewers. It is also the BACtrack breathalyser with the closest BAC readings with a police officer’s breathalyser. Similar devices are the BACtrack Scout and Trace Pro. The BACtrack professional breathalysers are highly reliable devices because they:

  • Have FDA approval
  • Have DOT certification
  • Meet the Australian Standard to be an effective testing device

BACtrack On Amazon: Smartphone Breathalysers

You may also get the smartphone BACtrack on Amazon. The C8 Smartphone and Mobile Pro are breathalysers with Bluetooth capability. In particular, the C8 Smartphone has a dual-mode operation to conduct a breath test independently or through a mobile gadget. The BAC results are displayed on the device’s LED screen in the Standalone mode, while the App mode shows the BAC on your smartphone’s screen. The breathalyser pairs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth connection. Through the BACtrack companion app, you can view your BAC and save it for future references. The app also has a helpful tracking tool to monitor your past BAC levels and present them in a graph. In addition, you can add notes and attach an image to your BAC results to help you understand how alcohol affects your body. Finally, the BACtrack’s ZeroLine technology estimates how long your BAC will return to 0.00%.

BACtrack On Amazon: Keychain Breathalysers

The BACtrack keychains are also popular breathalysers on Amazon because of their convenience and affordability. The BACtrack on Amazon features the lightest and smallest alcohol testers with full breathalyser capabilities. The Go Keychain employs advanced MicroCheck sensors to estimate the BAC quickly and accurately. The MicroCheck semiconductor sensor undergoes a patented burn-in process that equalises the response for more optimum performance. The BACtrack Go also has an innovative fold-out mouthpiece to keep external pollutants out and secure when not in use. As a result, it delivers more accurate results than most standard semiconductor breathalysers. The BACtrack Go Keychain is suitable as an alcohol screening device and for personal and home use. Similarly, the BACtrack C6 keychain is the smallest alcohol tester of Breathalysers Australia using fuel cell sensor technology. The BACtrack C6 utilises the proprietary BluFire fuel cell sensor ideal for personal and professional use.

Each BACtrack device has distinctive features suitable for different needs or preferences. Each BACtrack Amazon listing provides the necessary information to make the correct purchase decision. The BACtrack breathalysers on Amazon have complete product details, technical specifications, core features, operating instructions, and inclusions. To assure you are getting the best breathalysers, always check the product rating, feedback, and ranking as a guide. Customers and experts highly rate the BACtrack breathalysers. You may also check the BACtrack page on Amazon for easier access to all available breathalysers online. Ensure that you properly use a breathalyser to get the most accurate BAC results.


Workplace Breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia

While you may get the personal BACtrack on Amazon, the workplace breathalysers are available directly at Breathalysers Australia. Breathalysers Australia offers comprehensive BACtrack alcohol testers for personal or professional use. The BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers have pro-grade accuracy for personal use for the most precise BAC readings. Aside from personal testers, you can get breathalysers for workplace applications. Breathalysers Australia has the BACtrack Mobile Gen2, S80 Gen2, and the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen. The workplace breathalysers use the Xtend modified fuel cell sensors for the highest precision and consistency. The modification stabilises the results, especially in the lower BAC range of 0.00 to 0.05% BAC. As a result, the BACtrack workplace breathalysers deliver precise and consistent results at high-volume use.

Operating BACtrack breathalysers is efficient through the one-button operations. Pressing the power button activates and warms up the sensors automatically. After pressing the power button, wait for the countdown timer to reach zero and give an adequate blow to the mouthpiece. Then, the sensors process the breath sample and return the BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. The BACtrack breathalysers also have an optimal breath capture system that effectively collects the breath sample. An internal pump ensures that only the precise breath goes through the sensors and keep out ambient air and fumes. To ascertain validity, wait for fifteen minutes after eating or drinking before taking a breath test. Breathalysers Australia carries and distributes genuine BACtrack on Amazon and in retail stores nationwide.