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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

  Why We Need Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing? The emergence of drug and alcohol misuse by workers both within and outside their office or workplace is prevalent in modern workplaces. It would not be incorrect to suggest that almost every workplace has encountered at least a couple of incidences related to drug and alcohol abuse. Every workplace must have […]

Drug and Alcohol Test

Are you planning to obtain a driver’s license? You might be well aware that passing a drug and alcohol test is one of the most important requirements. More than a decade ago, the government implemented a rule in which anyone who owns or leases a motor vehicle is to submit themselves to alcohol and drug testing […]

Drug and Alcohol Testing Cost

FACT: about 70% of all drug and alcohol abusers hold a job. Studies show just how prevalent substance abuse is in the workplace and how costly the effects of this are. Alcohol-impaired and drug-affected employees cause 40% of all on the job injuries. It cost employers up to a hundred billion dollars a year in lost time, […]

How a Breath Analyser Works

A Breath Analyser estimates your BrAC (breath alcohol content) by measuring the amount of Ethanol in your breath. The first breath analysers were invented in the early 20th century.