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BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer: Best Breathalyzer Tester

BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer is one of the country’s leading personal breath alcohol tester. There is certainly little question that the actual BACtrack S80 is the best breathalyzer in the range. The BACtrack S80 examined here refers to the actual BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer release. This particular breathalyzer makes use of an enhanced fuel-cell sensor […]

BACtrack C-Series, the portable breathalyzer

Drinking whilst intoxicated can lead to an array of potentially bad outcomes. You can get a ticket, go to jail, pay a hefty fine, or hurt someone else. We’ve all been there, and we think we are not drunk. You have friends who believe that it is okay to drive when they are not. You’ve […]

Where Can I Buy a Breathalyzer in-Store and on line in Australia?

Our products originate from San Francisco, California and are shipped to Australia, where we have inventory on-site and in our warehouse. We offer quick and easy local courier delivery via the Australia Post network. If you wanted to buy a breathalyzer but didn’t know where to get one from, then BACtrack Australia is an excellent […]

Information About Drink Driving Laws in Australia

There are laws in Australia when it comes to drinking driving. You must know these rules, whether you are a citizen or a tourist, if you plan on using a car. Drinking intoxicated and driving is a serious offence, and refusing to take a breath test can result in a loss of license, fines, jail […]

What Are the Different Kinds of Alcohol Tester?

The alcohol breath tester (or breathalyser) measures how much alcohol is in the air you breathe out of your body. It aims to measure how much alcohol is in your blood. That number is known as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). BAC is a standard measurement used to describe the level of intoxication of a person. […]

When to Buy a Breathalyser?

It is likely you have heard of breathalysers, or also commonly known as alcohol breath testers or alcohol testers, but not sure if you should buy one? Well, this article aims to help demystify any questions you may have and decide when to buy a breathalyser. Let’s start with a definition of what a breathalyser […]

What is the Best Breathalyzer in Australia?

Many companies have released their own brand of breathalysers with different designs and features that consumers are looking for. Some are made for the workplace and others for personal use. In this article, we will give you details about the best breathalyzer from our very owned brand BACtrack and why we only choose BACtrack?  Do you know that the number 1 breathalyzer model comes from BACtrack? Let’s begin with the best breathalyzers from 7th favourite to our number 1. […]

What are BACtrack’s Portable Breathalysers?

Did you know that the device was called a “drunkometer” or “drunk-o-meter” before the breathalyser? The size was as big as a suitcase, luckily today breathalysers are more compact and portable as technology becomes more advanced. In this article, we will talk about how portable BACtrack’s breathalysers are. We will start from the less portable to […]

How to use the BACtrack Breathalyzer App?

BACtrack has released the first smartphone breathalyzer, which is the BACtrack Mobile and is connected with your smartphone to display your estimated BAC reading. The Mobile device is a low cost method to track your BAC whilst using your smartphone, which most of us use every day of our lives. When you purchase the BACtrack Mobile, you will receive instructions on how to […]