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Comparison Guide: BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 vs Alcolimit Defender

Alcohol use or impairment in the workplace is associated with increased risks of accidents and injuries for workers. It is common for employees to consume alcohol after work hours. However, excessive consumption leads to severe impairments. A high intoxication level significantly affects judgment, reasoning, and motor coordination. It also results in increased absenteeism and low […]

What Do Alcohol Screening Tests Achieve?

Alcohol consumption is a regular social activity that many people engage in. Social drinking or moderate intake helps people relax and feel pleasant. However, excessive intake leads to adverse health effects and safety hazards. High intoxication level leads to severe impairment in sensory and motor functions. Therefore, it increases the risk of accidents or injuries. […]

Failed Drug Test and Alcohol Test for Employees: What to Do?

Drug and alcohol testing is a cost-effective measure for managing safety hazards in the workplace. Many people consume alcohol regularly, which has an impact on work performance. Additionally, substance impairment is a leading cause of workplace accidents or injuries. It is also a significant factor in low productivity rates and high costs. Therefore, it is […]

Alcohol Test Kit at Breathalysers Australia

High alcohol consumption has profound effects on health and safety. Excessive intake causes severe impairments, especially in sensory and motor functions. These impairments negatively affect the ability to drive safely. Thus, it results in road accidents or serious injuries. To help reduce impaired driving and road hazards, law enforcers conduct frequent roadside alcohol screening. You […]

Comparison Guide: BACtrack S80 vs BACtrack S75 Pro

Many people consume alcohol regularly after work or at weekends to make them feel relaxed or stimulated. Moderate amounts create euphoric effects such as elevated mood or lowered inhibitions. Likewise, people tend to consume more at gatherings or social events. However, excessive consumption leads to severe impairments, especially in vision, hearing, reasoning, and coordination. Thus, […]

BACtrack S80 Pro: The Updated Version of the BACtrack S75 Breathalyzer

Accurate breath testing devices are crucial in securing safety while consuming alcohol. Rapid alcohol intake leads to significant impairments in sensory and motor functions, increasing the risk of harm. Particularly, it affects coordination, reaction time, and senses. Thus, many people use a personal device like a breathalyzer to avoid over intoxication. A breathalyzer is a […]

BACtrack Best Buy Australian Purchase Guide

Breathalysers are useful tools in determining the alcohol or intoxication levels instantly. When you consume alcohol, it rapidly affects the senses and motor functions. It impairs vision, hearing, alertness, coordination, and reaction time necessary in driving or operating machinery. As a result, it poses safety road hazards. Additionally, alcohol is one of the leading factors […]

Comparison Guide: BACtrack C8 vs BACtrack S35 Breathalyzer

Alcohol consumption is one of the favourite pastimes of some people. It elevates the mood and brings an overall pleasing effect in moderate amounts. However, lack of intake control leads to severe impairment or intoxication. Excessive alcohol amounts affect the body’s functions, such as vision, hearing, reasoning, coordination, and reaction time. In particular, driving with […]