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A Guide for Self Breathalyzer Testing Using BACtrack Devices

A personal breathalyzer is essential, especially if you intend to drive after consuming alcohol. Therefore, with a BACtrack device, a self-breathalyzer test can help observe safe driving practices. A breathalyzer is a portable device with a mouthpiece that you can blow into that determines your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. The BAC reading will decide if you […]

Online Breathalyser Test vs the BACtrack S80 Pro

Accurate breath testing is crucial in securing safety even while consuming alcohol. If a person always goes to special events, whether for leisure or work, a reliable breathalyzer can help monitor the person’s BAC to maintain safety. It is also a risk factor when driving, resulting in thousands of car accidents or collisions yearly. An […]

Police Breathalyser Technology for Personal Use Breathalysers

We are all aware that alcohol drinking can be hazardous to one’s health and safety. A high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) can impair a person’s senses, perception, and motor function. These impairments then affect the ability to drive. Therefore, law enforcement patrols highways frequently to ensure that all motorists have a safe journey. They use […]

What Kind of Sensors does an Australian Police Breathalyzer Use?

An Australian police breathalyzer helps determine people’s ability to drive after consuming alcohol. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a prevalent safety issue in many countries. It has resulted in thousands of casualties or fatalities on the road every day. Therefore, law enforcement personnel administer alcohol breath testing randomly or at checkpoints to keep the […]

Workplace Breathalysers and Urine Drug Test Kit in Australia

A workplace breathalyser and urine drug test kit in Australia are two ways to determine individuals’ alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Employers conduct drug and alcohol testing to ensure the working environment is safe. Employers are also responsible for protecting their employees and addressing occupational risks. Therefore, many businesses have drug and alcohol policies to […]

Comparison Review: BACtrack vs Lion Breathalysers

Alcohol breath testers or breathalysers make it possible to drive safely and comfortably. A breathalyser is a portable instrument that tests blood alcohol levels in breath samples. These alcohol testers are frequently used to monitor workplace sobriety, traffic checkpoints, and screenings. Furthermore, these alcohol breath tests can significantly help reduce the safety concerns associated with alcohol consumption. […]

What is the Legal Age to Drink in Australia?

Alcohol use at social gatherings is ordinary in many cultures. Many people also gather for a drink after work to celebrate the work week. When consumed in moderation, alcohol can help a person relax. Excessive consumption, on the other hand, might significantly impair physical and mental capabilities. Intoxication with alcohol impairs vision, hearing, speech, logic, […]

Significance of Breath Testing in the Workplace

Many factors can affect health and safety at work. The physical environment, equipment, and coworkers can impact an employee’s well-being in the workplace. Employers must provide a safe workplace by managing all preventable occupational hazards. Unfortunately, certain risks can still exist despite preventive measures. One of them is the usage of alcohol and other substances. […]