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What does a Low Range PCA Mean?

Drink-driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.05% to 0.08% in Australia is considered a low range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) offence. Police officers monitor the BAC levels of drivers to help them determine those who might threaten the safety of others on the road. Therefore, suspected drivers blow into the sterile tube […]

Breath Alcohol and Oral Drug Test: How Reliable are They?

Alcohol and drug use in Australia has brought many adverse consequences to many companies or workplaces. Various drug types have different effects on the body. High alcohol and drug use levels also lead to serious impairment of perception, senses, motor skills, and judgement. Thus, they can pose a safety hazard when operating heavy equipment in […]

What is the Best Alcohol Breath Tester in Australia?

Alcohol drinking is a part of many cultures worldwide for celebrations. However, alcohol can cause adverse effects on the body like dizziness, slow reaction time, bad decision making, and lack of movement coordination. Therefore, a lack of awareness of the adverse effects of alcohol can lead to a severe accident. As a result, alcohol screening […]

How to Properly Conduct an Alcohol Blow Test

Alcohol is a worldwide drink that is associated with social gatherings and celebrations. As a result, individuals can sometimes go overboard and realise the effects of too much alcohol. Additionally, alcohol intoxication can lead to roadside accidents and workplace hazards that can cause severe injuries. Therefore, an alcohol blow test is important to keep alcohol […]

Comparison Review: BACtrack vs Wingmate Breathalysers

Alcohol breath testing is essential, especially when it comes to avoiding accidents. A breathalyser is a portable device for testing Blood Alcohol Content(BAC) that is as small as a smartphone. The police force uses these devices for random roadside breath tests, and employers use them to implement alcohol policies. Additionally, these alcohol breaths tests can […]

Are There BACtrack Coupons at Breathalysers Australia?

Alcohol is an addictive substance causing adverse effects on the body. Thus, drinking much of it can cause roadside accidents and workplace conflicts. As a result, offices and police officers are conducting Alcohol breath tests. Therefore, to ensure safety against alcohol impairment, an alcohol breath test using breath testers is undertaken. A portable device is known as […]

Can I do a Test of Alcohol Using a Breathalysers?

Alcohol consumption has immediate effects on the body, especially on the senses, perception, and motor functions. At different alcohol levels, you may feel mild to severe impairments. Therefore, knowing your alcohol level is crucial in making safety or driving-related decisions. An efficient way to determine if you have reached the driving limit is to perform […]

Importance of Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Alcohol testing in Australia is standard practice at traffic checkpoints and workplaces. It identifies a person’s intoxication level by measuring the amount of alcohol in their blood. Furthermore, law enforcement frequently checks passing vehicles for breath tests to ensure no one is driving under the influence. Therefore, if police suspect you of drunk driving, they […]

Australian Calibrating Services for Breathalysers Australia

Breathalysers are valuable devices that measure a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or intoxication level. The most prominent feature of a breathalyser is its sensor type. In addition, breathalyser uses a fuel cell and electrochemical sensors to examine the alcohol content in a breath sample. However, a breathalyser’s sensor is sensitive and may build up […]

Alcohol and Drug Test Kits in Australia

A prevention policy or program enables the workplace to conduct drug and alcohol testing to monitor the status of employees. The main goal of a workplace policy is to minimise safety hazards by identifying and managing risk factors. For instance, safety-regulated industries such as mining, logistics, aviation, or construction have mandatory testing to reduce accidents in the […]