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Comparison Guide: BACtrack Scout vs BACtrack T60 Breathalyzer

People consume alcohol for varying reasons and in different social and cultural situations. Responsible individuals consume alcohol in moderation to balance the effects of alcohol and personal safety. With moderation, alcohol consumption can boost the general mood of the individual. Unfortunately, a reasonable rate of people consumes dangerous amounts of alcohol. Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption […]

BACktrack S80 at Amazon or Direct from Breathalysers Australia?

Breathalysers Australia aims to help enhance safe road practices by significantly reducing roadside accidents due to alcohol intoxication. However, roadside accidents due to alcohol impairment remain the top cause of injuries and fatalities. The best way to stop or avoid roadside accidents and casualties is to check and determine blood alcohol content (BAC) levels before […]

Guide on Making a Drug and Alcohol Policy Template in Australia

Creating a drug and alcohol policy template in Australia is a starting point for many businesses implementing a workplace drug and alcohol policy. It can be changed and adjusted to suit specific situations and needs. After developing the workplace policy, it is good to inform and distribute it to employees for discussions. Once the workplace […]

RAA Breathalyser Buy Guide: Are BACtrack Breathalysers Available Here?

RAA has been around for a long time, providing quality motor, home and travel services to their members in South Australia. RAA’s primary goal is to deliver educational services for drivers and advocate on matters of road safety. Additionally, RAA offers safety devices like breathalysers to help minimise the risks associated with impaired driving. You […]

Breath Test vs Blood Test for Drugs and Alcohol

While blood testing is more invasive than breath tests and urine tests, it is the most accurate at identifying BAC levels. Typical blood tests for drugs and alcohol can show the same levels of BAC in the system a day after alcohol intake. Most companies and businesses have established workplace drug and alcohol testing policies. […]

A Guide in Making an Employee Drug Test Consent Form Template

Companies use an employee drug test consent form template to create and establish a standard testing form. This form allows the screening of aspiring applicants and current staff for drug and alcohol use. Using this consent form to conduct a drug or alcohol test can be done by reasonable suspicion of substance use. The workers […]

Does Alcohol in Drug Urine Test Show?

Will alcohol in a drug urine test show? Understanding how long alcohol remains in the system is essential. It can help in avoiding risky reactions with oral medication and impairments in physical and mental abilities. Additionally, it can also help improve workplace safety. Extensive research on alcohol metabolism has proved that there are various factors […]

Can a Breathalyzer Drug Test?

Law enforcement officers will soon be able to screen for more than just alcohol on their breath testing devices. A new breathalyzer drug test device can detect various substances, including: Meth Cocaine heroin morphine Cannabis Different states and territories have varying laws against driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. However, law enforcement officers still […]

Drug and Alcohol Test Center Near Me

Drug and alcohol test center near me: Drug and alcohol-related workplace incidents cause loss of productivity and high absenteeism, costing Australian companies and business owners thousands of dollars every year. Professional drug and alcohol testing facilities offer approved drug and alcohol testing, which allows businesses to protect both their employees and profits by reducing the […]