The Need to Know on AUS Drink Driving Limit

With roadside accidents becoming more and more alcohol-induced, countries like Australia (AUS) have started to reduce the amount of blood alcohol content (BAC) legally allowed for drivers. The new AUS drink driving limit is now under 0.05%. A breathalyzer, also known as an alcohol breath analyzer, can determine the drink driving limit. It determines the functional and mental capabilities of the driver; and whether they still possess enough awareness to drive a vehicle. The breathalyzer calculates the BAC by measuring the amount of alcohol in the exhaled breath blown into the sterile tube of the device. Law enforcers use them to pull over drivers driving suspiciously, dangerously, or irregularly.  

Another AUS drink driving limit requires learner and probationary drivers always to maintain a 0.00% BAC behind the wheel. Luckily enough, though, machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer that can connect to iOS, Android, or Google phones have additional information that informs their users on how long and when until their BAC has returned to 0.00%. On the other hand, taxi, truck, and bus drivers require a BAC no greater than 0.02% to drive legally. Preventive measures are taken against high BAC mainly because it can drastically affect one’s driving skills on higher levels. A BAC of 0.06% and higher presents with moderate memory, awareness, judgment, and motor impairments, proving to be deadly behind the wheel.  

AUS Drink Driving Limit – What to do?

People nowadays prefer to own a breathalyzer and use it almost every time they have drinks with their friends. Professional-grade alcohol breathalyzers are now available to the public, which means you can accurately determine your BAC reading yourself. Fuel Cell technology on BACtrack devices, for example, are the exact type of technology used on police and medical breathalyzers. BACtrack devices also come with additional features that help breath alcohol testing become more convenient to use. Like the very accurate BACtrack S80 Pro, devices have auditory alarms that inform users that they are over the AUS drink driving limit. BACtrack devices are also now easier to carry around. Some devices are small enough to work as a keychain but still have enough technology to connect to your phone.  

With harsher penalties awaiting those charged with DUI, an accurate and reliable BACtrack device could prove to be a reasonable investment. You can avoid penalties like hefty fines, ignition interlocks, impounded vehicles, and confiscated licenses by checking if you are over the AUS drink driving limit before getting into a car. 


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