Comparison Guide: Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen vs Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser

Efficient workplace testing can play a vital role in the success of any business. Workplace alcohol testing can help safeguard the company from the dangers of alcohol usage and its adverse effects. Alcohol consumption can cause various impairments. Consuming alcohol can cause issues in vision, reaction times (slowed), memory, judgement, and coordination. These impairments can drastically affect an employee’s ability to work effectively and safely. For example, employees may struggle when trying to operate vehicles or heavy machinery. Therefore, employers must prevent intoxication within the workplace. To prevent and deter alcohol use before or during working hours, employers nowadays would provide regular alcohol tests. Employers can use highly accurate breathalysers like the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser and the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen (employers can purchase this breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia) to test their employees. With highly accurate devices available, companies would no longer need to hire testing services.

The use of workplace breathalysers is now more prevalent. This is mainly because breath tests are quick and easy to perform. Furthermore, these tests are also highly reliable and accurate. A breathalyser can estimate an employee’s exact Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Devices like the Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser and the Alcovisor Mercury touchscreen are very popular because of their features. These devices have features that best suit workplace and professional testing (testing facilities or police testing). Since these are very similar devices, many employers and professionals ask: What are their differences?

Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen vs Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser: Similarities

Before comparing the two devices, we should first look at their similarities and how they are effective in a professional setting. The following features are what the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen and the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser have in common:

  • Fuel Cell sensors: These are professional-grade sensors. These are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Furthermore, these sensors are only sensitive to ethyl alcohol, reducing the likelihood of false-positive results. This accuracy can drastically help employers test employees with diabetes or low-calorie diets. Inaccurate sensors might get false positives under these conditions because of high acetone levels. Moreover, employers should ensure highly accurate results to avoid any issues with the law (typically from disgruntled employees).
  • BAC Results Storage: Both devices can store up to 16,000 test results. This can help employers keep employee data, even in large companies.
  • Downloadable Data: These devices can also transfer the results to a computer. This can drastically help employers keep track of results and store positive ones for evidential or court references. Data is transferable through a USB connection.
  • TFT LCD Display: They feature clear and bright touchscreen monitors. This feature can help add more convenience during breath tests, making buttons and other options easily accessible.
  • Displays Recalibration date: This information can help breathalyser owners know when they need to recalibrate their device. Recalibration can help maintain a device’s accuracy.
  • DOT Compliant: Both devices meet the DOT requirements to be accurate breath testers.
  • Printing: Can print BAC results.


Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen vs Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser: Data Storage

The Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen and Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser differ a bit regarding data storing and transferring. Firstly, the Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia can lock the data. This workplace breathalyser has “lockable device settings”, allowing employers to protect the device and its data with password restrictions. This can drastically help prevent the data from being tampered with or deleted. The Mark X breathalyser does not feature password locking capabilities. Secondly, when transferring data, the data from the Mercury Touchscreen can be transmitted right away into an MS Excel file. This feature helps make data storing and transferring more convenient. Moreover, it is worth noting that MS Excel is easy to use and is available on most workplace computers. The Mark X breathalyser is stated to use downloadable software through a USB connection. This is still convenient; however, it is one extra step needed.

In terms of data, the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen may have one extra detail available compared to the Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser. The Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia has GPS settings available. This means that the employer can also record the exact location of the test. This feature may help when backtracking through previous results. The workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia also features 20 customisable data fields (name, department, etc.).

Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen vs Alcovisor Mark X Breathalyser: Warm-up and response Time

Response times in the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen and the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser also differ. The Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia can warm up within one to two seconds. Typical breathalysers need about 5 seconds to warm up. Before starting a breath test, a breathalyser and its sensor need to warm up, so test takers must wait for an indicator that states when the device will be ready. A quick warm time enables employers to begin testing immediately. Furthermore, the response time of the Mercury Touchscreen is also one to two seconds. Whereas for the Mark X, it takes up to 5 seconds. This means that the Mercury Touchscreen can provide faster results. This feature can significantly help employers test multiple employees for the day (typically during blanket/mass or random workplace testing).


Other Alcovisor Mercury Features

Aside from complying with the DOT requirements, the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia meets more standards than the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser. The Mercury Touchscreen is also FDA-certified, CE certified, and NHTSA compliant, meaning that the BACtrack workplace breathalysers and the Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia have undergone more testing. Passing more federal tests means that the device can be more reliable.

When purchasing the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen from Breathalysers Australia, employers can avail of a free customisable setup for the device and staff training. Employers can fully customise the device with custom test record stamps to suit their company’s exact needs. Please note that the services provided for the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser differ depending on the supplier.

Why do Businesses need Workplace Breathalysers?

Alcohol use can have dire consequences in the workplace. Employers using effective workplace breathalysers the like Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen or the Alcovisor Mark X breathalyser can avoid:

  • Increased healthcare, insurance, and accident compensation costs (primarily due to accidents).
  • Severe workplace accidents and injuries: checking if all employees are fit to work can drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents.
  • Workflow disruptions: Employees working with impairments are more likely to cause accidents, affecting the workflow of the entire workplace. Additionally, intoxicated employees are also more likely to get sloppy, and their behaviour could disrupt the workflow of their colleagues.
  • Increased Employee Tardiness: Workers under the influence are more likely to show up late.
  • Issues with the law: Taking all the necessary steps, like workplace alcohol testing, can help employers and businesses avoid legal troubles. The law requires companies to maintain a safe and risk-free workplace.