How Reliable are Alcohol Testers Online?

For many people, consuming alcohol is a way to end a long day at work to relax or unwind. Alcoholic beverages produce pleasing effects that alter the mood or lower inhibitions. A drink is also a way to celebrate special occasions or social gatherings. Additionally, many people can control their intake without going over the legal limit or being highly intoxicated. However, some people consume alcohol excessively, causing detrimental effects on health and safety. As a result, high alcohol concentration poses high safety hazards on the roads. It is one of the leading causes of road accidents or casualties. To minimise the risks, people check their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through calculators, alcohol tester online apps or portable devices.

Understanding Your Blood Alcohol Content

The BAC is the amount of alcohol in your system. The higher the BAC level, the more severe the impairment. Moreover, each person processes alcohol differently. That is why some people can have higher BAC than friends who consume the same amount and type of beverage. Measuring your BAC is a reliable method to assess the level of intoxication. In line with this, many alcohol testers online can help check your alcohol content. Additionally, devices at Breathalysers Australia are readily available and effective in measuring the precise BAC. Furthermore, a breathalyser helps you understand how alcohol affects your body better. Therefore, it can help you manage your consumption. Many factors influence the BAC, such as the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Food intake
  • Hydration level
  • Metabolism rate
  • Medications
  • Tolerance level
  • The alcohol concentration in a drink

How Alcohol Testers Measure the BAC

Each factor plays a role in how fast your BAC increases. For example, consuming alcohol on an empty stomach causes your BAC to rise more rapidly than when full. Likewise, alcohol interacts with medications or over-the-counter drugs, leading to higher BAC levels. Therefore, assessing your intoxication level is difficult without a reliable method. Some people may test their alcohol level with BAC calculator apps or online tools. Online BAC calculators involve keying in details like age, weight, age, and amount and type of alcohol. However, these tools only provide a rough estimate of your real alcohol level. BAC calculators should not be relied upon to determine whether you should drive. Alternatively, you may purchase an alcohol tester online to give you a definite estimation of your BAC.

You may check how to work an alcohol tester online. All alcohol testers or breathalysers use sensor technologies to calculate the amount of alcohol in the breath. A breathalyser works by undergoing a chemical process when the sample breath reaches the sensors. The breathalyser sensors oxidise the alcohol, producing small electrical currents and converting it into BAC. Moreover, the number of currents corresponds to the amount of alcohol present in the blood. Within a few seconds, the breathalyser displays the BAC. 


The Accuracy of an Alcohol Tester

A breathalyser is an electronic alcohol testing device that is easy to use and carry around. The device employs either semiconductor or fuel cell sensor technology to measure the amount of alcohol in the breath. Typically, the low costs of semiconductor breathalysers make them ideal for alcohol screening or personal use. On the other hand, fuel cell breathalysers are more specific and react exclusively with ethanol. Thus, it is less likely to produce false positives. Furthermore, fuel cell sensors remain consistent longer despite high-volume or consecutive tests. Additionally, it is the breathalyser that law enforcement, laboratories, and workplaces use when testing for alcohol content. Fortunately, there are plenty of alcohol testers online using fuel cell sensors for individual use. You can avail of pro-grade accurate personal devices like the BACtrack breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia. 

Choosing a Reliable Alcohol Tester Online

Choosing an alcohol tester online is challenging due to the vast choices available. Additionally, there are many aspects to consider when getting a personal device. However, for most people, the primary consideration is checking the reliability of alcohol testers to deliver accurate and valid breath test results. Particularly, you cannot test the device to see how they work before getting one. Therefore, it is essential to check breathalyser reviews, customer feedback, and forum sites like Reddit and CHOICE to determine the best device. Most importantly, you may consider the following factors below to help select a suitable breathalyser:

  • Sensor type – semiconductor breathalysers are ideal if you want to test if alcohol is present. Meanwhile, fuel cell breathalysers offer more consistency and precision in a breath test. They can also trace alcohol across wide BAC ranges (0.00-0.400%) without losing accuracy. Therefore, people who depend on accuracy choose fuel cell breathalysers. 
  • Recalibration – choose a breathalyser from a reliable company that provides complete recalibration services. Breathalyser recalibration is vital to maintain the performance of the sensors for a long time. Breathalysers Australia provides full recalibration services for all units sold.
  • Certification – certified breathalysers ensure that the device passes the standards of a breath screening device. In particular, the BACtrack Pro series (S80 Pro, Trace Pro, Mobile Pro, and Scout) have FDA approval and DOT compliance. 


Features of the BACtrack Breathalysers

The BACtrack devices at Breathalysers Australia fit various needs. When getting a reliable alcohol tester online, you may go directly to Breathalysers Australia’s official website. Most BACtrack breathalysers utilise fuel cell sensors giving the highest precision in a breath testing device. Moreover, the breathalysers have a one-touch button to make breath tests more efficient. After turning the device on, the sensors immediately warm up for a few seconds. Then, you may give a sample breath upon the blow signal. The BACtrack breathalysers process the breath sample and display the results within fifteen seconds. Moreover, some breathalysers like the BACtrack Mobile Pro have Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone app wirelessly. The smartphone breathalysers enable you to view your BAC results directly on your phone’s screen. Lastly, it has a ZeroLine technology that quickly estimates when your BAC will return to 0.00%.


Breathalysers are useful devices in ensuring you stay below the legal limit for driving. In Australia, you may face drink driving charges if your alcohol content is 0.05% or higher. Additionally, high-range driving (0.15% and above) includes a mandatory alcohol interlock program. Therefore, checking the BAC helps prevent accidents or driving violations. Many people find using a breathalyser useful in moderating their consumption. Getting an alcohol tester online is convenient to secure your safety and others. You need to check the breathalysers function carefully to make the right purchase decision. Each alcohol tester at Breathalysers Australia has passed rigorous testing methods to ensure effective and dependable BAC results. Undoubtedly, a breathalyser is a cost-efficient and practical investment in determining your alcohol level and ensuring safety.