Alcohol Risks

How does alcohol effect our body?

Many of us enjoy having a drink, whether in the company of friends, colleagues, or alone, and the occasion varies from a social gathering, to a meal at home, or just relaxing on one’s own. While drinking is socially acceptable, not many of us can pass the correct judgement on whether we have had too much to drink. This is where impairment, both physical and mental can affect your judgement.

Knowing alcohol’s effects on our body is of great importance. Spirits, wine and beer differ in their alcoholic content. Spirits are at the top end with 40% and over alcohol; wines come next at around 11% to 13%. Beer is the least concentrated at around 4-5% alcohol content.

When we drink, alcohol goes into our blood, and depending on the level and volume of alcohol consumed, our bodies will be impaired both mentally and physically.