How Do You Get an Alcohol Certification Test

Workplace safety is and has always been the priority of companies and business owners alike. Several precautions take place to help keep the office or workplace safe for their employees. Precautions like fire and earthquake drills, stairway safety, and emergency exits implementation, to name a few. Other precautions placed are drug and alcohol policies that are monitored very closely by companies. Drug and alcohol abuse could easily lead to behavioral and awareness problems for an individual. It would prove to be dangerous in most working environments. Take a construction company, for example, one that works with heavy machinery; an employee under the influence could fall asleep on the wheel and cause workplace accidents to happen. With these issues in mind, drug and alcohol testing has become more prevalent in many companies, and the need for certified workers who have taken the alcohol certification test has risen.  

Alcohol Certification Test using BACtrack

With the increased availability of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, the need for certified testers has risen noticeably. It has become much more efficient and cost-effective to have a worker/employee take the alcohol certification test from within the company. Having a certified worker also saves time when doing screening and testing and increases the frequency of when tests can be performed. Having a trained individual would also increase the likelihood of noticing abnormal or irregular behaviors within the workplace. With all its advantages in mind, it dramatically outweighs its little to no disadvantages.  


The common qualification required to become a drug and alcohol tester for the workplace is the “HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing”. The individual would learn how to perform a saliva, urine, and breath alcohol test. They would also be taught how to perform confirmation testing and chain of custody procedures along with experience of how to implement a drug and alcohol testing program along with the ability to educate your workforce. Several courses are available with online and face-to-face options to help individuals get nationally certified for the alcohol certification test. A course like this would greatly help increase efficiency when using machines like the BACtrack breathalyzer, as it can detect alcohol with police-grade accuracy.  

The availability of technological advancements like the BACtrack breathalyzer and ease of access to an alcohol certification test has proven to have increased the frequency of tests done as well as improve company policies when tackling drug and alcohol-related issues. Maintaining workplace safety has now become cost-efficient and less time-consuming. 


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