A Breath Test May be Used to Analyze Alcohol

Many people who consume alcohol think they can drive safely without checking their blood alcohol content (BAC). However, ignoring high alcohol levels can result in road accidents later. The BAC determines your degree of intoxication through a breathalyzer like BACtrack devices. Alcohol-related driving is one of the top factors for road accidents in Australia. Therefore, whenever there is a road accident, a breath test may be used to analyze the alcohol content of the driver and the passengers. It is not uncommon for the police to find alcohol as the reason for accidents after a breath test.

Drinking and driving in Australia is a criminal offence with corresponding severe penalties. Law enforcers conduct random roadside breath testing on suspicious drivers to ensure that the roads are safe against impaired driving. To avoid road accidents and legal problems, make sure that you do not have alcohol in your system. If you decide to consume alcohol, ensure that you do not exceed the legal limit of 0.05% blood alcohol content (BAC). If there is any reason to suspect you of drink driving, a breath test may be used to analyze your alcohol content. Moreover, people also now do self-tests.

A Breath Test May be Used to Analyze Alcohol Consumption: Self-tests

You can use a personal breathalyzer, such as a BACtrack device to measure your BAC level. A breath test may be used to analyze your alcohol through a breathalyzer. To correctly check your BAC, wait for at least 20 minutes after your first drink. The alcohol in the stomach gets into the bloodstream, and it passes through different organs, including the lungs. So, every time you exhale, the alcohol in the lungs leaves the body through the breath. The BACtrack breathalyzers capture your exhaled breath and oxidize the alcohol through advanced sensor technology. The oxidization produces a chemical reaction that determines the BAC level in about 10 to 15 seconds (when using BACtrack devices).

BACtrack breathalyzers are reliable breath testing devices that can determine your alcohol level. Unlike other methods of alcohol tests, you can use a breathalyzer anytime and anywhere. For example, a breath test may be used to analyze your BAC before deciding if you are fit to drive. You can also use a breath test in the morning to check if your BAC has returned to 0.00% before reporting for work. Moreover, the BACtrack smartphone breathalyzers have ZeroLine technology to estimate when the alcohol ultimately leaves your body. Spending some time to check your BAC saves you from potential road mishaps and drink-driving charges. Given how severe a DUI charge can be, personal breathalyzers now make excellent investments. Make sure to navigate through Breathalysers Australia to check for all the BACtrack devices available.

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