The Award winning BACtrack S80

The BACtrack S80 is considered one of the best breathalyzers in the market today. The S80 has won many awards since it’s invention. The most recent of these being “Best Overall Breathalyser” in the LifeWire ‘Top 8 Breathalyzers of 2019’. It also won “Best Breathalyser” in ‘CarBibles’ ‘Best Breathalyzers (Reviewed and Tested in 2019)’. This device is BACtrack’s premier device and is sold worldwide to personal, business, and health care users.

Why is the S80 Special?

What makes the BACtrack S80 so special is its dependable accuracy. The S80 contains BACtrack’s platinum based Xtend electrochemical fuel sensor. This is the same technology used in Police breathalyzers. The S80 is approved by the US Department of Transportation as well as the FDA. It is trusted by hospitals and other institutions as they know they will get accurate results every time over thousands of tests.

The BACtrack S80 can detect levels of alcohol from trace amounts up to 0.4% and is accurate to the third decimal place. Diabetics and people on low calorie diets can have high levels of acetone in their breath. This can cause false positives in breath tests using semi-conductor breathalyzers. The S80 is not affected by the presence of acetone and so is also accurate for these people. In comparison tests over multiple experiments, the BACtrack S80 recorded repeated similar results to Police Breathalysers. Therefore, proving itself as accurate as these other devices.

The Bactrack S80 has a built-in memory that records your last ten test results so that you can keep a track of your BrAC over time. This is useful in understanding how your body metabolises alcohol over time and lets you know when you are safe to drive after drinking. It also records the total number of tests done since recalibration so that you know when it is next due to be recalibrated.

How to look after your BACtrack S80

The device needs to be recalibrated every 6-12 months depending on whether it is used for personal or business use. It will also let you know if there has been a problem during the test. Maybe the breath sample is too small for reading or there are issues with the testing environment.

The ideal conditions for accurate readings are between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius (32-104 F). The S80 will let you know if the conditions are too hot or too cold. The subject should also wait 15-20 minutes after eating, drinking, or smoking before using the S80 for the best results.

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The Technical Side

The S80 is a compact, lightweight device that is incredibly simple to use. The device is 12.2 x 5.8 x 2.2cm and weighs just 136 grams including the mouthpiece and batteries. It comes with 2 AA batteries ready to go. You can complete around 1500 tests on the S80 from one pair of AA batteries.

It has a small LCD screen with two buttons on the front. These turn the device on, adjust the blow time settings, adjust the blow flow settings and set beep alarms if required. There are no software or apps involved in the use of the S80 so the process is straightforward and fast. No other devices such as smartphones are required.

How to use the BACtrack S80

To begin a test, simply press the “Start” button for a couple of seconds. A countdown timer will start on the screen and when this reaches 0 an alarm will sound and you simply blow into the replaceable mouthpiece. Stop blowing when the next alarm sounds (around 5 seconds) and within a few more seconds your BAC will be displayed on the screen.

An audible alarm can be set to go off if the reading is above the Australian legal limit of 0.05 (or whatever level you would like to set it to). For greater accuracy, Bactrack breathalyzers (including the S80) contain a miniature solenoid air pump to ensure the test only includes air from the deep lungs. Ambient air, fumes, and other gases can contaminate the breath test and are excluded. The device will power itself down after 10 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life.Order Now

The Mode Button

The second button, the “mode” button allows you to customize the alarms and change the breath flow and time rate. Changing the breath flow rate allows you to use a shorter, shallower breath. This may affect overall accuracy but may be necessary for some people who cannot complete a full, deep blow. You can also use this button to change the units of measurement displayed.

BACtrack S80 Accessories

The Bactrack S80 comes with 6 spare mouthpieces that easily clip in and out of the device. This allows hygienic use of the device by multiple people. Mouthpieces can also be bought separately in packs of up to 50 individually wrapped items. This makes the S80 ideal for use in a workplace, school, or other institutional environment. The device also comes with a handy hard shell, zippered carry case to store your S80 and spare mouthpieces securely.

The Reliable S80

The Bactrack S80 has proven itself to be easily the most accurate and reliable personal breathalyser on the market. This unit may not be the most compact or the most technologically advanced breathalyser available in terms of bluetooth/cell phone connectivity, but it makes up for this in being uncomplicated and efficient. It simply does what it is designed to do correctly, over and over again.

The S80 is tough, resilient, and clever and is always accurate and reliable. The S80 is trusted the world over by law enforcement and health professionals who rely on quick, accurate results every time. The Bactrack S80 can be relied on as both an entry level workplace breathalyser and a high end personal breathalyser. Clever design by Bactrack has allowed one model to cross over two very different markets.